I’m Billy Prime, a photographer located in Washington DC, USA.

I like fashion, fantastic, and alternative styles. I enjoy collaborating with creative models, designers, and stylists whenever possible to create amazing, refined work. I also like to sew clothes and create jewelry for my shoots.

If you’d like to work with me, please send an email to billy.prime@billyprime.com with your name and contact info. If you’re a model, please include a link to your portfolio, what dates you are available, and what compensation you’re looking for. I stay busy, so I generally need 4-6 weeks advance notice to set up a shoot.

  • ✔ For most shoots I provide a full team, including professional hair & makeup. I maintain an extensive wardrobe and do my own styling for most shoots, as well as creating custom pieces for some shoots. Most of the outfits you see on this site are from my collection.
  • ✔ My shoots usually last 2-4 hours depending on the number of looks - but hair, makeup, and wardrobe usually account for half of that time or more.
  • ✔ I’m happy to pay rates, and I usually can provide lodging for traveling models.
  • ✔ You’ll get comps of the images we shoot within a few days to pick favorites.
  • ✔ I usually give 3-5 finished, retouched digital images per look; retouching generally takes 2-4 weeks, slightly longer during busy seasons.