Sarah Pauley by Mazen Abusrour for Vogue India, April 2014

Absolute color perfection.

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MadRubb ~ Made to Measure Latex Garments

Photographer: Dany Díez 

Models: Elena U & Vanessa P

Hair: Enrique Serrano 

Make Up: Elver Manzaba

Reblogging just for that intricate stitch detailing on the black/trans set.  For those who have never tried to stitch latex without some sort of interfacing - it’s a huge pain, and tears super-easily.  This is some wizardry right here.

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Sneak Peek Bordelle AW14/15 


Sad to see Bordelle offering up such a weak selection again next season - just adding lace, fringe, and rhinestones(?) to existing designs.  That longline bra does look a bit interesting, though!

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Happy Easter!! 🐇👽🐇 The #Chromat Patent Leather Bustier for #MiseEnCage Paris in #Ghubar Mag 🐇👽🐇

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If you’ve always wanted to have all your favorite underground models in one room, and at one amazing event…well…your dreams just came true.

Freelance Model Sierra McKenzie and Freelance photographer Mark Velasquez sat down one day and thought of a way to make it possible to get together all working models, from freelance to alternative and back, in one place. Then, they thought of the idea “Model Con.” They asked every model they knew, and now, the roster already has 18 girls on board, including : Cam DamageBrooke EvaSugarPorcelainJustine Marie, and the list is still growing.

Want to know more and take part in this event? Click here to learn more.

We still would love more models to join, so please feel free to email Sierra McKenzie to apply and for any further questions:

Hope to see you there,

All Graphics : Rivi Madison

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All these pictures were taken on the same day in the same room. Don’t let anyone judge you for your shit.

  • You be beautiful and ugly and coy and scary
  • you open your mouth and your legs wide and
  • you do your make up for you and
  • you cry about things you can’t control and
  • you wait 40 minutes for the best burgers in town and you eat it by yourself and
  • you group sext with all your exes and
  • you do you.

Fuck everyone who says, “No! You can’t do that.” Because all those people are

  1. wrong.
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It certainly says something about the industry when Skin Two starts repeating covers - even if it is amazing work by Trevor Watson. Left, this month’s issue 66.  Right, Issue 21 from sometime in the late 90s I think..

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Gisele Bündchen for Christian Dior F/W 2002 photographed by Nick Knight

This is all kinds of beautiful

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Bad idea: using cornstarch as a dressing aid.

Why? There’s evidence that it can lead to latex sensitivities. Oh, and it makes sweaty latex gravy - which is the least sexy flavour of latex.

Just a friendly PSA.  

Silicone-based lubricant, such as Pjur, is what you want in most cases - makes your clothing easy to get into, and gives it that mirror-shine on the outside.

Do not even think about using an oil/petroleum-based product, that will eat straight through the material!

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I’ve put up a few lightly used prototypes on the Etsy shop at very reduced prices. Go grab one! Maybe the outfit pictured up here?…

Photo: Mosh by Viva Van Story

It’s a great time to get some fantastic HMS latex at a cheap price!  I absolutely love their work, it’s some of the best in my collection!

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