MadRubb Latex Bra 

Once again - just *look* at that detailing that Madrid Rubber does!  It’s *amazing* and ridiculously hard to do.  

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Usually we like to engage your creativity, but it’s new season, new styles, so we’d like some new Deadlies. We thought we’d get you to help us embrace them by basically bribing you to tell EVERYONE about us!

You must know some awesome people, right? Cos you’re all great so I reckon you must be knocking about with some fun types.

So, it’s pretty simple. There are 5 £100 vouchers up for grabs, and, due to me being an idiot and Typing-Whilst-Tired, ONE £500 voucher.

To be in with a chance to win, you need to share one of these pictures publically. Or more! Maybe a few times! #kissmedeadlywinner! And of course if you tag us on facebook we’ll see it.

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Er … and that’s it basically. Told you it was easy.

You have until November - I’ll pick winners on the 1st November.

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Photography and Retouching: Catherine Day
Model and Make Up Artist: Sophie Roach
Latex: Lacing Lilith 

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This is my most favourite picture I’ve ever taken of Jacs.

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by Faye Daniels

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with Brooke Lynne

Fuji 50-D, expired. “Liquid” scan.

this is so fucking rad

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River by Billy Prime.  Please do not remove credits.

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Up and down.

Ryann S (@everythinghasedges) shot and styled by billyprime.
MUA: Nikki Benedikt of Sass Factory
Hair: Megan Smith Watson

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When I share with people that I’m on antidepressants I’m usually greeted with either surprise or quiet confession “I’m on them too. What do you take.”

I forget what stigma seems to persist against medical treatment for depression. In my experience people seem to operate under the assumption…

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