Bella Morte

It’s been a long weekend.  I got a call from Bella Morte, they needed some group shots for the new album artwork fast.  Luckily, I’d just heard about a few buildings being renovated that I had access to, so we set up a shoot for Sunday, three days later.  The following day, I came up with the insane idea to build an indoor forest and put the band in it.

Saturday, an amazing number of people showed up for the build.  In about four hours we went from a pile of sticks to a beautiful woodland.  I’ve really got to thank the entire Panda Army for making this happen – I couldn’t have done it without everyone on the team.

  • Mandy, Meg, Mali, Ethan and Marshall on the build team for crafting the vision
  • Mandy, Meg and Anne for the great assisting on the shoot
  • Townsquare Associates for the awesome location
  • Lian for the last minute fog machine replacement
  • Blue Moon Diner for the quickest brunch I’ve ever had in this town
  • Bella Morte for the opportunity, enthusiasm, and dedication in the face of flooding and torrential downpours
  • and everyone else who helped with the build, the teardown, or the general proceedings!

As we started getting everything set up, rain began to fall *very* hard – and didn’t stop all day. By the end of the shoot, the floodwaters had risen and started coming into the torn-out building we were shooting in. We had to lay down large boards to cross in and out of the space, but we still got soaked in transit.

The band were real troopers, though – standing in front of a broken window as sheets of water blew in. They even stuck around to help with the teardown. They are really, really great guys.